S&P 5004019.83
▲ 1.2%48.56
▲ 0.7%145.96
▲ 0.8%266.36
▲ 3.6%1350.141
▲ 1.6%187.355
▲ 0.2%0.001
▼ -0.4%-0.28
▼ -4.1%-0.82



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Rank ! id Score Name Ticker YoY Avg Momentum Rate Momentum Buy/Sell Largest Drop Drop Behaviour Sector Dividend Price P/E PE to Ind Avg Report Date Updated Edit
1 -1.21 Progressive Corporation (The) PGR | Analyze20.5%0.6%0.1%-22.3%low 0.29% 140.430 120.0256 Apr 18 2023 Mar 25 2023
2 -20.70 RBC Global Technology Fund Adv 0P000075A7.TO | Analyze21.2%-27.8%-2.2%-20.7%low LARGE 0% 10.256 Mar 25 2023

Table 1 provides a list of common stocks ranked by their yearly percent increase over the past 5 years. The table also includes the largest drop in price experienced by that stock to provide a sense of risk. The table is organized by subtracting the yearly stock increase by the largest percent drop to provide a prorated list. The stock risk is identified and is a function of the worst drop by the stock over the past 5 years. For example, a stock that experienced a 71% drop over a month in 2016 would be listed as risky, whereas a stock that only has a 15% drop has a very low risk. The behaviour of various stocks is also included. Stocks are shown that demonstrate steady increases month over month, stocks that jump up and down from similar values, and stocks that are constantly dropping month over month. The sector of each stock is also shown, since it is always a good idea to diversify your stock portfolio over different sectors.

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